Man vs. Monkey

There are loads of monkeys in our new area, which is so exciting for us Brits. They’re impossibly cute, especially when they carry their babies around. Sometimes their faces appear upside down at our bedroom window – that’s actually pretty creepy if you think about it. Most of the time though, they sit around staring… Read More Man vs. Monkey

Lockdown 101

Apparently it’s Day 101 in our lockdown. As an extremely vague kind of nod to this landmark, here’s roughly 101 lambs’ hooves alongside extra full-size mum-hooves – except I checked with Mr. Google and was reminded that sheep have cloven hooves so actually it’s probably more like 202. So that hasn’t really worked. But anyway,… Read More Lockdown 101

Going to bed

I’ve had one of those days where I fell out with a few people in the family, and then I fell out with myself. Falling out with yourself is problematic because how can you make up with yourself without sounding hollow? Was there ever a more lockdown-esque dilemma?? Ha ha! I like what Ralph says… Read More Going to bed